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The Medical Laboratory Sciences Department Organized a Student Orientation Session as an Accreditation Requirement

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The Medical Laboratory Sciences Department at the Faculty of Health Professions is in the process of obtaining its international accreditation by the US National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS). As part of the process, the Department organized an orientation session for students to explain and discuss the accreditation requirements for the Laboratory Medical Sciences (MLS) Program, in addition to informing the students of their responsibilities and duties to qualify them to be eligible to sit for the Board of Certification (BOC) Medical Laboratory Scientist Examination administered by the American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP).

Dr. Rania Abu Seir, the Dean of the Faculty of Health Professions, opened the session by welcoming students and faculty members in the Department and explained the importance of obtaining international accreditation as part of the vision and mission of Al-Quds University represented by its President, Prof. Imad Abu Kishek, which is to achieve academic excellence which will be consequently reflected on the healthcare sector in Palestine. Dr. Rania Abu Seir then summarized the responsibilities of students and staff in the MLS Department. She presented the formulated committees necessary to pursue international accreditation requirements and follow up with staff and students to achieve this goal.

Dr. Hatem Eideh, the Head of the Department, presented the new study plan that was developed in line with the NAACLS requirements. He emphasized the need to adhere to it and explained the role of academic advisors in assisting and supporting the students.

Then, Ms. Suha Butmeh, a laboratory technician at the Department and the Coordinator of the Clinical Practice Committee, presented the clinical practice curriculum and the evaluation mechanism and emphasized the level of comprehensiveness of the training period in covering the most important skills related to the specialization in MLS.

Finally, Mr. Ibrahim Ghannam, the Coordinator of the Academic Advising and Student Affairs Committee concluded the session by explaining the role of the committee in aiding students and their responsibilities towards the committee and stressed the importance of students’ commitment to the standards in order to obtain the NAACLS accreditation.

After obtaining the NAACLS accreditation, AQU will become the first Palestinian university and among very few universities in the Arab world to provide their students with an internationally accredited degree in medical laboratory sciences.

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