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AQU ranks first Palestinian university according to SCIMAGO World University Rankings 2022

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Al-Quds University ranked first among the Palestinian universities according to the SCIMAGO World University Rankings for the first quarter of 2022, while it ranked 27th in the Arab world, and 660th out of 8000 prestigious universities and research institutions worldwide.

According to SCIMAGO ranking system, Al-Quds University ranked first in the Palestinian territories in the fields of Energy, Medicine, and Pharmacology, and 20th and 21st in the Arab world in Energy and Medicine, respectively. This classification is based on the indicators of the research tool, innovation outputs, and social impact.

President of Al-Quds University Prof. Imad Abu Kishek congratulated the university community for this achievement which comes as a result of the strategic plan that the university has been implementing through its programs, colleges, and research clubs, with the aim of developing the educational outcomes in a way that meets the needs of the Palestinian community and the requirements of the labor market.

The university ranked second among Palestinian universities according to the QS World Higher Education Institutions classification for the year 2022, and was among the best 51-60 Arab universities in citation.

According to QS report for the year 2020-2021, the university won first place locally and was 21st regionally in the number of citations for each research paper, and it ranked second Palestinian university in terms of research cooperation worldwide.

This achievement by the university in international rankings demonstrates that the university is highly concerned in enriching the fields of scientific research and creativity and developing its scientific tools in order to enable students to engage in the various aspects of knowledge and fields of science, which supports its vision to become an excellent research university.

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