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A workshop entitled “the academic development “at Al-Quds University

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The committee of the Academic development organized, on Wednesday, a workshop entitled “The Academic Development” chaired by the vice president for scientific development and innovation affairs Dr. Badie Sartawi.  In attendance were the president of Al-Quds University Prof. Imad Abu Kishek and groups of scientific researchers from different disciplines.

President Abu Kishek underlined that the top priority for our university resides in the excellence of learning outcomes. He pointed out the important role of the academic staff in achieving this goal, which must be within the framework of participation and cooperation that is based on staff responsibility and the role of everyone accomplishing what has been planned. 

Dr. Sartawi stated that the importance of this workshop lies in the presentation of a detailed method for development of academic programs, and to present a model for the faculty of Educational Science which started implementing the proposed method.  

Dr. Sartwai also stressed the importance of building a matrix of learning outcomes and design courses in order to develop and integrate academic programs, mentioning the UNESCO international standard classification of education and training (ISCED) that is  internationally recognized, which helps determine the reference points for programs, and can be of use as utility for designing a parallel classification by collecting some fields of knowledge areas according to the size of the institution and its programs.  

Following that Dr. Sartwai, emphasized on the importance of each faculty member preparing the learning outcomes of the program, in a way that describes the learning outcomes intended to be achieved by learners after completing the graduation requirements.

Dr. Kamal Hashim, professor in the faculty of science of education, presented an example of their [faculty of science of education] work in formulating the learning outcomes, which goes in line with the educational material for students, and provided an elucidation on the learning outcomes and designing courses.   

At the end of the workshop, discussions and inquires on the subject were held. In addition, it was agreed upon to hold other sessions in faculties to discuss several detailed topics. 

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