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The activities of the Brazilian cultural week was launched at Al-Quds University

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The activities of the Brazilian cultural week were launched on Monday at Al-Quds University, which presents excerpts from the history and culture of Brazil. In attendance were the president of Al-Quds University Prof. Imad Abu kishek and the Brazilian Ambassador in the Palestinian authority Mr. Francisco Mauro Holland Brasil and the embassy staff.

This event was opened by the president of Al-Quds University Prof. Imad Abu kishek who emphasized the importance of such activities. These activities are held at Al-Quds (Jerusalem) both the capital of Palestine and university, in order to restore the symbolism of Al-Quds as a cultural center and a beacon of knowledge for the Palestinians and others in the world. In addition, to expand the students’ knowledge of other cultures and civilizations. It is wished that all students participate in these activities which are considered a part of the educational processes.

The Brazilian Ambassador, Mr. Francisco Mauro Holland Brasil expressed his gratitude to Al-Quds University and its president Prof. Imad Abu kishek for hosting these events, praising the university students and their interest in Brazil, it’s history and culture.

The adviser of the representative of the Brazilian Consulate Marisol Romar presents an introductory concerning the film that will be displayed. This film introduces several ideas such as: the differences in the living condition, the social classes in Brazil, equality, and the paternal view in realizing the dreams of their children.  

The film was entitled “the story of Francisco”, which recounts the story of a modest man who dreams of making two of his nine sons into famous singers. He works hard to achieve the dream until his sons start playing in the village concerts. When the family loses their land, they decide to move to a town “Guiana.” There, they face many difficulties that make them play in the bus station in order to cover their expenses. Eventually, they become famous and start playing in front of six thousand people. Suddenly they were confronted with an unexpected accident which changed their life and caused their dream to dim. On the verge of giving up, a happenstance caused a change in circumstance making this dream come true in a way that this family today has sold more than 25 million records worldwide.

After screening the film, there was a discussion about the social mobility and forms of the expression cultural in Brazil.

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