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Al-Quds University signed an agreement with Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Endowment Fund to support the university students living in Jerusalem

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A joint agreement  was signed  to  support the university students   living in Jerusalem  and in need  ,  it was signed by Professor   Hasan Dweik, Vice President of Al-Quds university for communications and development on behalf of the President of the University Professor Imad Abu Keshk, and the president of  Al- Quds  Endowment   Fund,   Engineer and businessman  Mr. Munib Al-Masri.   A number of  intellectuals, leaders of the Jerusalem community  , businessmen,   and  representatives of the  educational sector  in  Jerusalem attended the  ceremony , of the attendees were  Dr. Sheikh Ikrimah Sabri, Mis: Mahera  Dajani, Director  of the Arab Child House  (Dar El Tifl Al-  Arabi),  a representative of the Jerusalem Governorate, and Mr. Sameer  Jibril ,the education manager in Jerusalem directorate .

The aim of this agreement is to support Jerusalem and its people,   particularly students studying in higher education institutions. Education which the Al- Quds Endowment Fund tries to promote, by financially supporting needy students. Taking into consideration, the hard    conditions that the city goes through, economically, politically and socially.


The businessman and  engineer, Mr. Mounib Al-Masri President of the Al-Quds Endowment Fund  stressed  the need to consolidate  the efforts to support the holy city   at these  critical  conditions  and the need to overcome  all  our  internal problems  and differences  and focus on how we can help  the people of the city . 

Professor  Hasan Dweik , Vice President of Al-Quds university for communications  and development, said   that this financial support for students who live in Jerusalem is a  great  initiative   , It  comes  at a time   where  people in this city  suffer  from the   hard conditions. Then he addressed his speech   to those who are responsible of this fund,  that they  need  to    focus  their attention to higher  education  and the university students , to help them  create a better conditions for them  and their families .   .

Then,  he  praised the work of the  endowment fund   and their efforts  to find solutions to the problems that  the residents of  the holy city  face, in order  to provide them with  the minimum requirements  for a  decent  life under the very  difficult  and harsh  conditions  in  Jerusalem.

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