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Al-Quds University and the German Foundation for Academic Exchange (DAAD) hold discussions on how to promote academic cooperation

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Extensive discussions had taken place to enhance the cooperation between Al- Quds university and the German Foundation for Academic Exchange (DAAD), during the meeting which brought together Vice President of Al-Quads university for communication and development Professor Hasan Dweik, and the representative of German Foundation for Academic Exchange (DAAD) Dr. Carsten Walbiner. The discussion focused on the  scholarships  the foundation can offer  to the university  particularly for the disciplines required by the university as proposed in its strategic plan  , and the  potentials to increase support for short visits to faculty   in various fields of scientific research with German universities . 

In  the same context , Deanship  of scientific research at Al-Quds university represented by Dean Dr. Mutaz Qutob  organized   an info session to students and faculty   aimed  at providing the students with   a  comprehensive  information concerning  the scholarships/ grants offered by  the German Foundation for the MSc and PhD programs  ,the session took place  in Said Khouri Center  of Excellence for Information Technology . The meeting was attended by A number of students who are interested in pursuing their postgraduate studies  (Master's and PhD) , and  members of the academic and administrative staff at the university

. Director of the ( DAAD) Foundation in Jerusalem Dr. Carsten Walbiner, presented  a complete and detailed information concerning the  grants that the  foundation offers for the Palestinian students ,  the conditions  that should be met by the  candidates, the mechanism of application , and the disciplines  offered .

At the end of this session Dr.Walbnier  answered  the questions  of the participants and those interested.

Among the general  conditions  required  to offer the  grants are: to have at least  accumulative grade  average of  80%  and above in the  bachelor's degree to those  applying for  the  master's program , and the average at least  80%  in the master degree for those who apply   for the doctorate  grant.  

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