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“The Road to Peace through War” Conference at Al-Quds University

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Al-Quds University hosted guests from the Turkish Consulate and Yeditepe University, Istanbul, for a particularly stimulating event.

Professor Fairoz Ahmed, chairman for the Department of International Relations and Political Science at Yeditepe University, gave a lecture entitled "The Road to Peace through War". He spoke of the Battle of Gallipoli, which took place in 1915 during World War 1, in which British and French joint forces tried to occupy the capital for the Islamic Caliphate, Istanbul. The roots of this assault dated back to Churchill’s support of Russia when he controlled the Straits, divided the Ottoman army, opened the way to the Danube River and dedicated Istanbul to Russia.

Professor Ahmed, of Indian origin, has US and Turkish nationality and holds a degree in History from Delhi University and lectured for several years at Harvard University. He was a visiting professor in Turkey through a Fulbright grant. After hisretirement from Massachusetts University, he went to Turkey and from that day works in Yeditepe University. He also received a Merit honor from the Turkish President, Abdullah Gul, for his contribution to Turkish history.

Alongside this lecture, a photo exhibition was held, which documented the year following the Aelchenqalh War. Guests in attendance included Al-Quds University President, Dr Imad Abu Kishek, Head of Culture at the Turkish Consul in Jerusalem, Mr Mustafa Sarnies, and Mr. Tom Wilson from the Australian Representative Office.

Mr Yilmaz, director of Culture at the Turkish Consulate in Jerusalem, spoke about the deep relationships and shared history that unites Palestine and Turkey in customs and traditions. In order to highlight the common history of the two countries, the consulate opened the exhibition at Al-Quds University. He stressed the close academic relationship between Al-QudsUniversity and Turkish Universities.

Mr Yilmaz added that Turkey has particular ties to Jerusalem, as it is the cradle of the three monotheistic religions. Since theOttoman Empire took over there was distinctive attention on Jerusalem because it is sacred for being in the hearts of all ofTurks who believe that peace will spread from Jerusalem to the rest of the world.

Dr. Imad Abu Kishek thanked the General Turkish Council in Jerusalem for organizing this special event, stressing the importance of symposiums and exhibitions for commemorating history.

Dr. Abu Kishek rounded off the day by giving Professor Ahmed a symbolic gift on behalf of Al-Quds University.

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