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“Fear in the Quran” research of Dr. Mohammad Yousuf Al-Deek

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Dr. Mohammad Yousuf Al-Deek, the teaching assistant in interpretation section in the Faculty of Dawa and Fundamentals of Religion at Al-Quds University has published a paper entitled "The fear in the light of the Holy Quran”.

The research study dealt with fear in the light of the subjective interpretation, where the study showed the meanings of the word ‘fear’ in multiple language dictionaries. It also goes on to cover fear and it’s understandings in psychological studies, but the foundation of this study is fear as a term and concept in the holy Quran.

Fear in reality generates reactions and emotions, pushing individuals to respond naturally and appropriately to some sources of fear. While in the other cases it can lead to over-responses and these emotions portray panic and anxiety. The holy Quran contains multiple images of fear, led by fearing God, but it also contains the fear of humans. That they incorrectly possess such a fear for one another, to the extent that they complementing each other in their bad habits and that they fear changing or getting rid of these habits, for example the worshipping of idols.

Also, there are depictions of fear shared by Islam because it has of clarifies and describes human weaknesses; such as fear of the discontinuity of the family heir/heritage or the fear of poverty etc. Moreover, the Quran admits that marital relations may have some tense or confused moments, but the Quran guides man for the goodness and good governance at home. The underlying message is that it’s essential from all of these scenarios that man must understand the presence of God and their reliance upon him.  

The research was diverse and included a real-life example of the fear that described the stages experienced by the Prophet Musa peace be upon him, where most of the situations were full of fear and anticipation.

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