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“The recognition of Health Faculties at Al-Quds University is a great step” – Dr Hani Abdeen

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The Dean of Medicine, Dr Hani Adbeen, said “it would not have been easy to get the Israeli authorities recognition of health faculties at the university without the hard work of the determined students in order to get their legal rights from the Israeli Supreme Court.” The university administration, which provided support and assistance for students, reached for an agreement on some of the problematic issues with the concerned authorities in the last court session.

The agreement states that the Health Faculty’s graduates with Jerusalem ID cards are now capable of applying for the exams that are necessary for Israeli license in the ministry of health.

The decision was made after a long case in court to sit for the Israeli exam, the students’ achieved a success rate of more than 95%. In comparison the success rate among graduates of foreign universities did not exceed 35%.

Al-Quds University administration has provided support and coverage of the financial costs of the case and expressed its “willingness to cooperate with the students by issuing diplomas from Abu Dis, which was a condition by Israeli Authorities for recognizing the degrees”. This is an excellent step in marking the accessibility for Palestinian students to study and work within their own communities in Jerusalem.

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