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Al-Quds University Council statement on You Tube video depicting violence

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Celebrating acts of violence like killing of innocent civilians or religious figures is something that is deplored and condemned strongly by Al-Quds University. The video displayed on You Tube where an unofficial student body, not related to Al-Quds students’ mainstream, enacted a despicable  stereotype on the University premises  without the knowledge or prior approval of the Al-Quds University Administration.

It is worth pointing out that Al-Quds Campus in Abu-Deis is located in area B, a designation from the Oslo Accords, which means that Israeli military authorities are in control of these localities, This hinders the exertion of law and order by the Palestinian Authority similar to that exerted in areas under its total control (designated as area A), thus leading to ineffective security measures to circumvent such horrific activities.

It has to be highlighted that Al-Quds University has been striving over the years to foster tolerance, respect of Human Rights issues and peaceful coexistence with others, irrespective of colour, gender or religious diversity.

It is from this background that Al-Quds University is taking this incident seriously and has already set in motion an investigation in this matter with the hope that lessons might be accrued to prevent such abominable depictions.

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