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Lecture on “Islam in Germany”

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On Tuesday, January 20, Da’wa and Religion College at Al-Quds University hosted Dr. Toby Isik, a researcher in Germany, who presented a lecture entitled “Facts about Muslims and the Relationship between the State and Religious Communities in Germany.”

In her lecture, Dr. Isik focused on Muslims in Germany, noting that there are more than 4 million German Muslims in a total German population of 80 million.

Dr. Isik added that it was only two years ago the decision was reached to begin teaching the Islamic religion in the German schools, a positive step toward improving the understanding of Islam. There is now a need for specialists in Islam and a curriculum to teach Islam.

Dr. Isik stressed the importance of having an education for young students of Islam that is based on thinking and not on tradition. Providing a picture of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as a human being rather than an angel will deepen students’ understanding.

The attendees expressed their appreciation of the lecture, adding that such communication with European universities and this type of academic exchange would contribute to strengthening the role of Al-Quds University as a leading university in Palestine.

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