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Educate and produce competent and socially responsible physicians who are capable of providing the best care possible with dedication to lifelong learning, and an understanding of the vital role of research in health care.




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Al-Quds Faculty of Medicine opened its doors to our inaugural cohort of medical students in 1994 following a presidential decree by the late President Yasser Arafat to establish the first Palestinian Medical School at Al-Quds University in Jerusalem-the future capital of Palestine state. On that historic day, we welcomed 34 outstanding young men and women. Since then, our cohort size has grown and soon we will welcome each year 250 or more aspiring young doctors, who will be working with and learning from some of the best talents in medicine and healthcare. Our medical education is rooted in the specific needs of the Palestinian Community and is also, well aligned with national strategies and priorities in healthcare education.

The Faculty is driven by passionate dedicated staff members and attracts promising resilient students and we are committed to building within Al-Quds University an outstanding medical faculty, set to equip our students with the right competencies and produce qualified physicians empowered with the knowledge, skills and personalities that will enable them to transform the future of healthcare in Palestine and the surrounding region.
We aim to produce graduates who will excel in their career path, whether they choose to become a surgeon, a general practitioner, a physician, a clinician scientist, or they take one of the many other diverse routes that will be open to them.

Creating a community of future doctors who are patient-focused, skilled in caring for people with respect and compassion is at the very heart of our educational philosophy.
Whether you are a prospective student, parent, faculty member, or simply a curious visitor, I welcome you and invite you to explore our website and learn more about us.

Dr. Hani Abdeen

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine is the first medical faculty in Palestine, it was established in 1994. the Faculty total staff members exceed 190 including academic and administrative staff.

The Faculty of Medicine is one of the faculties in the Health complex at Al-Quds university., which comprises the other health related schools-Dentistry, Pharmacy, Public health, Nursing and Allied Health Professions
Although the Faculty of Medicine does not own a teaching hospital, it is affiliated with the main hospitals in the locality for the purpose of clinical training of its students. Together they make up a 700 bed secondary/tertiary care facilities.

The Faculty has recognized that biomedical and clinical knowledge, based largely on natural sciences, is of central importance in medical practice. In addition, medical students should consider health as a multi-factorial entity with cultural, psychological and social dimensions. Accordingly, the Faculty has reformed its teaching and learning philosophy and restructured the curriculum to guide changes in undergraduate medical education.

The purpose of the new education philosophy, is to educate experts of medicine, who are knowledgeable and responsible physicians for clinical work as well as for biomedical and clinical research and administration. It is suggested that the future physician has integrated competence and holistic view of patient treatment, in which scientific thinking, knowledge of behavioural science and ethics are integrated with clinical knowledge.

Our Faculty of Medicine carefully selects applicants who demonstrate the intellectual ability, personal attributes, and motivation to be successful in medical faculty, in postgraduate training, and throughout their professional careers. Our students enjoy an atmosphere of camaraderie and collegiality with each other and with their tutors. Beyond the academic experiences offered at our medical school, we encourage the development of our students as caring physicians dedicated to providing the very best care, professionally and personally, to all patients.

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Academic & Administrative Units


To enrich the culture of research work and provide an attractive environment to support creativity of researchers and promote the ethical conduct of research, compliance, innovation and critical thinking

General Responsibilities:

  • Regulate the scientific research affairs at Faculty of Medicine
  • Holding scientific activities, symposiums, seminars, workshops and providing a culture of continuous learning for all the faculty of medicine students and staff
  • Bridge building between basic sciences and medicine (i.e. attracting and training physicians in research)
  • Improve access to key research information
  • Administer graduation project course in coordination with Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs
  • Provide support and supervision for the Medical Student Research Club

Research Laboratories

  1. Al-Quds Nutrition and Health Research Institute: Research teams are interested in molecular diagnosis and genotyping infectious diseases such as Leishmaniasis, tuberculosis, and tick-born pathogens. Students are actively participating in real research projects yielding results that will be submitted to international publications.
  2. Biochemisrty and Molecular Biology Research Labratory: Students utilize genetic, molecular, and biochemical approaches to study metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus.

Academic and Administrative Staff

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Staff Members

Afnan Atallah
Afnan Atallah
Assistant Professor - Assistant Dean for Basic Medical Sciences

Ayat Dajani
Ayat Dajani
Dean’s Secretary

Hani Abdeen
Hani Abdeen
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

Jeries Qumsieh
Jeries Qumsieh
Administrative Assistant

Jihan Rahhal
Jihan Rahhal
Technician for computer Labs

Motee Abu Awwad
Motee Abu Awwad
Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs

Murad Ibrahim
Murad Ibrahim
Coordinator, Preparatory Track - Head, Medical Education Unit

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