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Al Quds University Science Museum was officially opened in 2007 as a place devoted primarily to science. It adopts direct interactive education method as a means of teaching science, it is also the place that makes science accessible and encourages   excitement and discovery, where we believe that it should be an integral and dynamic part of the learning environment, that promotes its visitors to exploration, creates curiosity and encourages questioning.

Our Mission in the Science Museum is to help our visitors explore, play and learn science in an informal interactive approach. this commitment drives the work we do.

The museum was renovated in 2014 by a generous donation by USAID to include about 40 interactive exhibits, 37 out of them are indoors, which explain natural phenomena from a scientific point of view and contribute to understanding many theories and phenomena of physics, in addition to exhibits that illustrate concepts in the life sciences. All exhibits can be divided into five main sections:

  1. The waves
  2. Audio section
  3. Human body systems
  4. Mirrors and light section
  5.  Electricity and magnetism

And three external exhibits related to concepts in, mirrors and reflections, sound properties and optical illusions.

Besides the exhibitions an event room in which scientific activities and meetings are implemented to deepen the scientific concepts presented by the exhibits in the external hall and other concepts that are presented in the Palestinian science curriculum, classified according to class categories.

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