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Third Annual TEDxAl-QudsUniversity event features talks on inspiring personal experiences

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JERUSALEM | Al-Quds University recently organized its third annual TEDx conference under the title “If not us, then who?” The speakers from Al-Quds University and other sectors of the Palestinian society presented their rich personal experiences with inspiring ideas on how to achieve excellence in the various social, economic, environmental, and scientific fields.

Al-Quds University President Professor Imad Abu Kishek attended the event, along with Palestinian business leader Mr. Muneeb Al-Masri, students, faculty, and guests.

In his address, Professor Abu Kishek highly praised Al-Quds University students for their abilities to promote an influential culture of innovation that assists in triggering development and building a better future worldwide. He reaffirmed the university’s support to its students that goes in line with the belief in innovation to meet the demands of both the local and global markets. In this context, Prof. Abu Kishek thanked Mr. Al-Masri and the National Bank for funding TEDx event at Al-Quds University.

Haneen Al-Sharabati, a Medicine student and TEDx conference coordinator, said that despite the Coronavirus crisis the students decided to organize the TEDx event under the title “If not us, then who” which indicates hard work, perseverance, and strong will.

Dr. Hussein Hallaq, from the Faculty of Dentistry, spoke on how to set priorities for choosing and making a sound decision that suits the skills and talents of each person.

Ahmed Jamal, a civil engineer, highlighted the importance of preserving the Palestinian architectural heritage. He explained how his company archives the details of architectural masterpieces using technology, with an emphasis on raising the level of awareness of this heritage.

Renowned artist Suleiman Mansour, talked about his life story and studies as an artist. He particularly mentioned his famous painting “Jamal al-Mahamil” that is depicted in a picture for an old man carrying the city of Jerusalem on his back, which indicates the suffering of the Palestinian people throughout history.

Psychiatrist and social activist Jumana Kaplanian explained her personal experience and the difficulties she faced until she became the director of a foundation for psychological education in Palestine. She also touched upon the positive impacts that she made during her career and challenges that still need to be tackled in the field of psychology within Palestinian society.

Nadin Toukan, an artist, talked about linking architecture with antiquities and painting, where she presented some of her drawings that focus on the city of Jerusalem.

Dr. Majd Abu Al-Rub, a former researcher in the Palestinian Neuroscience Initiative, spoke about the different ways for promoting medical faculties in Palestine.

The artist, Lina Slaibi, shed light on her achievements in singing and playing music, expressing her ambitions to convey her artistic and humanitarian message through her songs, and the local, regional, and international events she usually participates in.

Through holding TED talks, Al-Quds University aspires to become a hub for exchanging and developing meaningful ideas that meet the daunting challenges besetting the Palestinian society. Thus, the university has been investing valuable resources in the creation and promotion of this kind of culture, where talent aligns with nuanced research to benefit the Palestinian society and the entire humanity.

Furthermore, the university sees tremendous value in the TED talks at its campus for their ability to encourage the free flow and exchange of ideas that can be developed into real projects. As such, Al-Quds University shall remain committed to extending every possible support to its community of students, faculty, and researchers.

TEDx is a locally organized event that imitates the global TED. It operationally features two parts, the presentations by the participants and the screening of a video selected from the global TEDx.

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