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Palestinian major companies participate in Al-Quds University’s annual career fair 2022

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Under the patronage of its president, Dr. Imad Abu Kishek, and with the sponsorship of the Palestinian Investment Fund and Bank of Palestine, Al-Quds University organized its annual career fair for 2022. Major private sector institutions in Palestine participated, providing a unique opportunity for the university’s graduates to network with the job market and prepare themselves to meet its requirements.

During the opening ceremony, Dr. Abu Kishek emphasized the importance of this special day that connects graduates with local companies and the Palestinian job market. The university established the Career Center to equip students with the necessary skills to bridge the gap between university education and the job market. It also organizes various activities through its faculties and centers that aim to take students out of the traditional classroom framework, thus contributing to their personality and experience development. Dr. Abu Kishek thanked the diamond sponsors for their significant cooperation for Al-Quds as a capital and a university.

Dr. Mohammad Mustafa, Chairman of the Palestinian Investment Fund, praised the efforts of Al-Quds University, represented by its President, Dr. Abu Kishek, in encouraging young people to work and empower them to start their businesses in different places. He also mentioned that the fund’s participation is a tribute to the resilience of Jerusalem residents and an important message to empower young people as a national mission and provide the necessary tools to ensure their productive engagement in the job market, which this day provides through introducing them to companies, their needs, and opportunities.

Representing the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank of Palestine, Hashim Shawa, Mr. Thaer Hamaeil expressed his pride in the diamond sponsorship of the career fair at Al-Quds University. The bank is the largest private sector employer in Palestine, and it seeks to empower young people and provide serious opportunities for them, in addition to raising their abilities and efficiency during their university studies by providing them with various training opportunities. He emphasized the importance of empowering women and young people in employment and encouraging them to launch their own distinguished projects.

Dr. Ahmed Ayyad stated that this day is of great importance, as it brings together a group of Palestinian private sector companies and aims to help graduates find suitable job opportunities and connect them with Palestinian companies by introducing them and submitting job applications and preliminary interviews to obtain fruitful employment or training opportunities for their careers.

It is worth noting that Al-Quds University ‘s annual career fair reflects its strategy and methodology in preparing creative graduates who are capable of competing for the best jobs and achieving outstanding professional and academic opportunities in all fields. The university has established many creative centers and components for this purpose, including the Career Center, Al-Quds Unit for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, in addition to the research clubs for the faculties that sharpen the student’s knowledge, experience, and creativity.

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