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AQU graduate wins the award of the best medical training supervisor in Sweden

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Dr. Imad Abu Ishkheidem, a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Quds University (AQU), won the award of the best medical training supervisor in the Kingdom of Sweden.

Dr. Abu Ishkheidem, who hails from Jerusalem, is currently the director of the departments of Ophthalmology and General Ophthalmology at Gothenburg University Hospital in Västergötland, Sweden. He also coordinates the Ophthalmology course at the Faculty of Medicine at Gothenburg University.

President of Al-Quds University Prof. Imad Abu Kishek, congratulated Dr. Abu Ishkheidem, expressing his pride, as the President of AQU, for this achievement by Dr. Abu Ishkheidem who is a graduate of AQU’s Faculty of Medicine, the first of its kind in Palestine that was established 25 years ago and has ever since graduated excellent students.

Dr. Abu Ishkheidem, a member of the Palestinian Doctors Association in Sweden, said that he is pleased for receiving the award which he dedicates to his family, colleagues, AQU, and the Palestinian people.

He studied Medicine at AQU from 2004 to 2010. Upon graduation, he was granted an internship in Sweden within the university’s exchange program. In Sweden, he learnt Swedish language and was able to establish strong relationships and foster his academic and professional experiences that helped him later to obtain the Swedish medical license.

Besides his work as an ophthalmologist at Gothenburg University Hospital, Abu Ishkhiedem works as a researcher. He adds that he is planning to join a doctorate program in the same specialty, with clinical medicine as the main focus of his future dissertation.

Dr. Abu Ishkhiedem praised Al-Quds University saying that its graduates are “encyclopedic medical scholars and professionals with broad knowledge.” “The university contributed to this great achievement because my colleagues and I with whom I studied for 6 years are truly the best in Palestine. The students at AQU’s Faculty of Medicine have confidence in their teachers who are always ready to answer any questions.”

The award received by Dr. Abu Ishkhiedem demonstrates the high standard of the medical programs that are offered by the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Quds University. Since the inception of the faculty, AQU has graduated hundreds of highly skilled specialists that have not only been recognized for their high caliber in Palestine, but also internationally.

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