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New publication by Dr. Rushdi Hamamreh and Mr.Mohammed Jamoos.

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A new paper of Dr. Rushdi Hamamreh Head of computer Engineer Department and Mohammed Jamoos from Computer Science Department has recently published in The 14th International Arab Conference on Information Technology (ACIT'2013).



Hash Algorithm for Data Integrity based on Matrix Combination
Rushdi Hamamreh, and Mohammed Jamoos , Palestinian

Abstract: In this paper, we propose a secure Hash Algorithm with the focus on Data Integrity. A hash function, is a function that takes some message of any length as input and transforms it into a fixed-length output called a hash value, in DILH the hash value length 1152 bits. Many types of hash functions have been defined but, the most widely used in many of the cryptographic applications currently are hash functions based on block ciphers. This algorithm based on linear combination of matrices to find non-invertible matrix that takes advantage about of the compact representation of a set of numbers in a matrix and strong collision resistance.

Keywords: Hash function, Collisions, one-way cryptography, DILH, non-invertible matrix.




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