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AQB and Diplomacy Program Held a Session on the Role of Palestinian Diplomacy during the War on Gaza

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Last Wednesday the 20th of December, Prof. Manuel Hassasian (Ambassador of Palestine to Denmark) was our guest speaker. He addressed Palestinian diplomacy during the war on Gaza. The session was framed to focus on the challenges, strategies, achievements and lessons learnt while looking at the bigger picture of the Palestinian struggle for liberation. 

Students from different programs in the social science division joined the Global Studies and Diplomacy students in this session. Dr. Amneh Badran introduced Prof. Amb. Hassasian and the agenda of the session. Prof. Hassasian explained how Palestinian diplomacy addressed the current war on Gaza and pushed back mainstream western narrative regarding the war. He explained how Palestinian formal and informal strategies managed to connect the recent war with 75 years of continuous Nakba led by settler colonialism. Students and Prof. Hassasian discussed different perspectives regarding Palestinian strategies of resistance, different readings for the war and ways forward. Also, they discussed Palestinian diplomatic priorities in the next phase. 

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