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AQU holds its 28th Board meeting in Istanbul | Attendees call for supporting AQU in its mission towards Jerusalem and its Arab community

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Istanbul | Over three days, Al-Quds University’s held its 28th Board meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. The meeting was attended by the President of Al-Quds University (AQU), Professor Imad Abu Kishek, vice presidents, deans of faculties, head of departments, besides a number of Palestinian officials, researcher, legal persons, and businessmen.

In his speech during the meeting Professor Abu Kishek announced that the university has achieved financial stability. The university president also congratulated the university’s community on the achievements the university has made according to QS World Universities Rankings.

The meeting was opened by Dr. Adnan Latham who called on the participants to cooperate in supporting researches that benefit the university and the Palestinian community in Jerusalem. Dr. Latham declared that AQU’s Board has been given the name “AQU’s Senate” as it is more reflective of the substantial role the university plays in Jerusalem.

Within that context, speakers representing other Palestinian bodies and speakers from a number of Arab countries also called for supporting Al-Quds University’s initiatives in Jerusalem particularly those with regard to the health sector, cultural heritage, education, youth, urban planning, among others.

Over three days, the participants held several sessions on a variety of topics, including the urban sector and housing in Jerusalem, the health sector in East Jerusalem, development and entrepreneurship in Jerusalem, the economic sector and youth in Jerusalem, the urban sector in Jerusalem.

The attendees recommended the need to support the economy of Jerusalem, the health sector, education, and the Jerusalemite youth. It also called for the establishment of an alternative urban planning unit and the provision of houses for the Jerusalemites through the support of Arab, Islamic, and international donors.

Al-Quds University is the first and only Arab university in Jerusalem. It has a unique integrated campus in the city of Jerusalem, and has succeeded in providing its academic and community services in the city significantly through its various centers that are scattered in Jerusalem, mainly the Community Action Center.

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