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Al-Quds University participates in the 19th International Conference on Computer Networks and Systems Security (ICCNSS 2017)

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A new paper of Dr. Rushdi Hamamreh – Departement Of Computer Engineering, Mohammed Jamoos from Computer Science Department and , Israa M. Al-Qatow  has recently published in The 19th International Conference on Computer Networks and Systems Security (ICCNSS 2017) Held in Barcelona, Spain during May,26-27, 2017

Paper Title: SSCC: Cryptosystem for Cloud Data Sharing
Authors: Rushdi A. Hamamreh , Israa M. Al-Qatow, Mohammed A. Jamoos

Abstract— Secure Data Sharing Model for Cloud Computing (SSCC) is a new cryptosystem model that aims to store user’s data files in a secure manner to keep it away from the unauthorized access. In this model, data needs to be encrypted before uploaded to the cloud storage, so that cloud providers can’t extract the original plaintext of the file to find its content, also user can download his data files from that storage then decrypt it using his own secret key. We have developed a new cryptosystem model that based on the Original Hill cipher algorithm using matrices manipulation and symmetric key cryptography. It gave a good impression by comparing it with previous ways where the comparing results between SSCC and Hill Cipher 6.86% improvement in the encryption time. While when we compare SSCC and Advance Encryption Standard (AES) the difference was 3.94% for AES which means that the proposed model has a chance to compete with AES model. Another comparison is done to cover the two cases: SSCC1 and SSCC2, the SSCC1 with and without compression decreasing the encryption time in a percentage of 96.287%.

Link for Paper:,–2017,-19-(5)-Part-XXI.pdf

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