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Al Quds academy launches research call to aid ‘scientific renaissance’

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Al Quds Academy for Scientific Research (QASR) has launched on Sunday, in the Jordanian capital of Amman, the first call to aid scientific research and projects on stem cells and genetic engineering, as well as researches on energy, agriculture, water and food, funded by a local donor with the largest donation of its kind, with the sum of 375 thousand Jordanian Dinars.

Professor Imad Abu Kishek, President of Al-Quds University and Deputy Chairman of QASR, praised the cooperation with the University of Jordan and Munib Masri Foundation for Development, saying that this initiative will open new horizons for Palestinian researchers in fields that affect development, with an eye at improving living conditions in the Arab world. Abu Kishek also noted that Al-Quds University will be responsible for attracting researchers in the fields of energy, water and nutrition through its Center for Development Studies. Through this initiative, Al-Quds University will connect Palestinian researchers with Jordanian, Arab and international peers, allowing them to develop innovative research ideas capable of addressing the many challenges that confront development in Palestine and in the Arab world more broadly.

Ekhleif Tarawneh, QASR chairman of the board of directors, said that due to the significance of scientific research in humanitarian efforts, the academy stresses its readiness to help researchers in all fields.

QASR will provide researchers with financial support to help them conduct research papers in a spirit of cooperation, especially between Jordanian and Palestinian researchers, Tarawneh said in the statement.

Munib Masri, chairman of the Munib Masri Development Foundation, highlighted the importance of collective work in addressing economic development in Palestine and Jordan, as well as focusing on increasing the gross domestic product that will, in return, reflect positively on citizens.

University of Jordan President Azmi Mahafzah expressed the university’s pride in the partnership with QASR, noting that the university, through its Cell Therapy Centre, will welcome researchers in the stem cell and  genetic engineering fields.

Zu’bi Al Zu’bi, QASR CEO, said the first call will provide JD375,000, to be distributed as JD200,000 for stem cells and genetic engineering and JD150,000 for water, food and energy fields, with JD25,000 for economic and social impact studies.

He noted that the deadline to present proposals is July 3, and interested researchers can apply on

It is worth mentioning that QASR emerged from Alquds Fund and Endowment which was established by Munib Masri Developemnt Foundation. QASR is a non-profit organization that aims to support Arab researchers, chiefly Jordanians and Palestinians, to bolster their contributions to the scientific and economic renaissance in the Arab world.

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