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AQU signs agreement for cooperation in lab practical-training with the Hebron Italian Center for Fertilization

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Jerusalem | Al-Quds University (AQU) signed a cooperation agreement with the Italian Center for Fertilization in Hebron to provide laboratory training for Al-Quds Bard College (AQB) students. The agreement is intended to promote joint educational and cultural collaboration.

Under this agreement, the Italian Center for Fertilization will provide practical laboratory training for BA students in the Molecular Genetics and the Biology programs at AQB. Researchers at the Italian Center will be eligible to serve as supervisors for the practical laboratory work of the senior projects undertaken by AQB student who will conduct their researches using materials and laboratory resources at the Italian Center.

The agreement was signed by AQU’s Academic Vice President, Dr. Motasem Hamdan, and Dr. Omar Halayqa as a representative of the Italian Center, and it was attended by the dean of Al-Quds Bard, Dr. Daniel Terris, among other AQU officials.

Dr. Terris praised the agreement, noting that it is in line with AQB’s vision of providing the students with theoretical and practical experiences to engage them in scholarly work at an early stage and prepare them for the labor market.

Dr. Halayqa, for his part, expressed his enthusiasm for partnering with AQU, particularly Al-Quds Bard that is “well-known for its dedicated faculty and students and excellent programs”.

Al-Quds University continues to support its students within its efforts to stimulate creativity and excellence in scientific research and graduate highly-qualified students. For this purpose, the university has established substantial partnerships with numerous national and international academic institutions and research centers to enable the students to exchange knowledge and receive additional practical training.

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