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AQU President receives Head of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation Office in Palestine to enhance joint cooperation

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Jerusalem | President of Al-Quds University (AQU) Professor Imad Abu Kishek received in his office on the main campus Mr. Gugliemlo Giordano, the Head of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation Office (AICS) in Palestine.

The meeting, which was attended also by AQU’s executive and academic vice presidents, and the director and assistant director of the Fundraising Unit, was intended to enhance joint cooperation in the academic and other areas of mutual interest.

Prof. Abu Kishek warmly welcomed Mr. Giordano and provided him with an overview about the university’s various faculties, centers, and campuses. He also touched on the joint projects and the academic and student exchanges between the two parties, which confirms the deep relationships between AQU and the Italian academic institutions.

Executive Vice President Prof. Hassan Dweik, for his part, highlighted the joint academic exchange programs between AQU and Italian universities, as well as Italy’s support for the various social and scientific projects, mainly AQU’s Meet Math Museum that was founded with generous funding from the European Commission and Campania region in Italy.

Mr. Giordano said that his visit to AQU was intended to enhance joint cooperation, in alignment with AICS’s strategy of promoting development in Palestine.  He cited the key projects sponsored by AICS to develop the academic and cultural fields, stressing the need to strengthen relationships with Palestinian universities.

It is worth noting that the two parties discussed ways to develop cooperation in food industry, and the provision of modern equipment and devices to certain faculties, with the university’s relentless efforts to better meet the demands of the market.

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