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A delegation from the American Consulate visited Al-Quds University to look closely into the latest development after the Israeli forces broke into the campus of the university

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The president of Al-Quds university professor Imad Abu Kishek , received a delegation from the American consulate in Jerusalem , represented by the  Cultural Affairs Ms. Robin Solomon, joined by Gina Cabrera-Faraj from the consulate,  who came to  look closely into the Israeli attack  on  the campus of Al-Quds  university in Abu –Dis  .

The president informed   the American delegation of the details     when the Israeli army committed an assault on the university properties and faculties. The Israeli force destroyed the Christmas tree, and a book fair which was organized by the female students in the university .This action is considered an assault on the sanctity of the Campus of the university, and in violation of all international laws, university campuses are platforms for education and scientific research, a place to encourage and exercise freedom of expression and freedom of speech. 

More than 12 military vehicles broke into the main campus of the university, the Israeli forces attacked  the deanship of students Affairs building , destroyed and confiscated some of the university properties, after that they destroyed a book fair, focusing on scientific and cultural books concerning Palestinian women, which was organized by the university female students .  In the same context, the assault force destroyed the Christmas tree, which was left over from the holiday season in front of the building holding pictures of a number of Palestinian martyrs.

The soldiers without presenting an official search order  locked up the security staff of the university and damaged their cellular devices to block their connection with others outsid and the administration of the university.

The assault force broke the doors of all the student council offices, destroyed everything they found during their search, then they assaulted the Faculty of Islamic Jurisprudence and destroyed some of faculty properties.

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