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Scientific lecture in mathematics presented by Dr. Sari Ghanem, Palestinian researcher in pure mathematics, currently working in France”

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The decay of  Yang-Mills  fields on black hole space-times for  spherically symmetric and small energy solutions“, was the title of the Scientific lecture presented  by  Dr. Sari Ghanem , A Palestinian researcher in pure mathematics, University Joseph Fourier – Grenoble I – France. The lecture was organized by the department of Mathematics.

In presence of faculty members and the Msc. students of the departments of Mathematics and Physics Dr. Ghanem discussed the subject of Mathematical General Relativity included the main progress  and famous open problems in this field, as well as a presentation regarding  the Yang-Mills equation on arbitrary fixed curved space-time taking values in any lie algebra ,  included the recent results with Dietrich Häfner concerning the Yang-Mills fields valued in the lie algebra su(2), propagating on the Schwarzschild black hole .

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