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AL-Quds University hosted and briefed a U.S. Consulate Delegation about the recent IDF incursions onto campus

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AL-Quds university hosted a U.S. Consulate delegation represented by the Cultural affairs officer Robin Solomon and the Education and Exchanges specialist to be briefed about the recent IDF incursions for the university campus in Abu Dees, as well the tampering and violation on head offices of the students representatives.

University president Dr. Imad Abu Kishk and the Vice President for Communication and Development Dr. Hassan Dweik greeted the delegation and briefed them on the incident that took place last Friday morning, when the IDF raided the university campus, colleges and properties. The university campus is a platform for education and research, as well a place that encourages the freedom of speech which is a respected value among the entire world and guaranteed right by human rights conventions.

The American Delegation stated that Universities should remain respected places of learning.

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