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Al-Quds University ranked one of the world’s top 1200 universities worldwide by QS World University Rankings 2022

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Jerusalem | Al-Quds University (AQU) has been ranked one of the top 1200 universities worldwide for the year 2022 by QS World University Rankings. This year’s ranking featured 1300 universities from among thousands of universities that were assessed, in which AQU and Al-Najah National University were ranked between the top1000 and 1200 universities worldwide, whereas Bir Zeit was ranked between the top 1200 and 1300 universities.

The QS indicators show that AQU was among the best in the Arab world, and it was ranked between the top 51 and 60 in terms of its performance. This advancement is attributed to the university’s tremendous research output, unique innovation initiatives, and the development of scientific tools that enable the students to explore the various fields of knowledge.

Meanwhile, AQU was ranked the first in Palestine in research which indicates the number of patents recently indexed by Scopus database, known as Scimago. The university was the first in the number of patents at the regional level, and it was also the first in Palestine in pharmaceutical industries, pharmacology, and toxicology and the in the 48th position at the regional level in these subject fields.

According to QS report for the year 2020-2021, AQU was ranked the first in Palestine in the number of citations for each research paper, which demonstrates the high impact of the researches carried by AQS’ academics. Further, the university was in 2nd position locally in terms of research cooperation, making 10 more scores compared to last year.

As for the research papers indexed by global research databases, the number of papers published by AQU’s faculty has been rising gradually since 2015. The number of peer reviewed articles published in 2019 was 108 articles, whereas it reached 125 articles in 2020, and the publications were mainly in Medicine, Health Sciences, Biomedicine, Genetics, Chemistry, and Engineering. Based on Scopus quartile categorization system of scientific journals, the rate of AQS’s publications in Q1 was 42%, and it was 26% in Q2.

The achievements made by Al-Quds University in this aspect are due to its pioneering strategy that assigns high priority to scientific research and seeks to offer the best academic education to its students to help them find new opportunities for the benefit of the entire society. This is represented in providing the students with creative educational tools that enable them to excel.

QS World University Rankings is an annual publication of university rankings by British Quacquarelli Symonds (QS). It is considered one of the best three international university rankings that use scientific standards in the assessment process. The annual rankings include the top 3% universities worldwide that are selected from a total of 26000. The Arab Region’s university rankings feature 100 academic institutions that are selected from over 1000 universities.

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