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A research paper entitled “The leading role of Al-Quds University in providing medical staff”

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Dr. Ibrahim Atiq from the Institute of Management and Economics and Mr. Fouad Kurdi from the Public library participated in the Local Scientific Conference that was organized by Al-Quds Open University, under the title "Human Resources Development in the Palestinian health sector: reality and aspirations"; in which the two researchers presented a study paper entitled "The leading role of Al-Quds University in providing medical staff and developing it”.

The results of this study showed the leading role of Al-Quds University in supporting and supplementing the Palestinian health sector with a qualified staff in the medical and health areas. It has aimed to highlight the role of Al-Quds University in providing the medical and health staff that is necessary to serve the citizens, and to evaluate the appropriateness of the graduates in medical specialties in Al-Quds University to the Palestinian needs and requirements of the local labor market.

The researchers recommend the need to support Al-Quds University in its academic way in order to enable it to continue the supporting of the local community with qualified staff, the researchers also recommend the need to do a regular amendment of the curriculum in order to promote a better appropriateness with the international standards of quality.

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