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A delegation from the Arab Democratic Party visits Al-Quds University

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Al-Quds University President Prof. Imad Abu Kishik welcomed a delegation from the Palestinians of 1948 Democratic Party to Al-Quds University, including the parties’ leader, Mr. Talb Al-sana, the General Secretary Mr. Zidan Badran, the Scholarships Commissioner Dr. Zahi Salama and the President of Prospect High Education College, Dr. Huda Salama

Prof. Abu Kishik expressed his happiness in hosting such a great visit to Al-Quds University, which shows that Al-Quds University is the University to all segments of society as it the University of the whole Palestinian People. Prof. Abu Kishik confirmed that the University is fully prepared to cooperate with the Arab Democratic Party for the benefit of the students.

The meeting also discussed the necessary arrangement and facilities that is required to assist the students in order to make it possible to register at Al-Quds University.

Mr.Talab Alsana emphasized the importance of Al-Quds University within the Palestinian higher education system. Endorsing efforts to support further recognition of Al-Quds certificates in Israel, namely through links between the University and Governmental Agencies.

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