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“Reality, Changes and Prospects”: The Importance of Public Administration

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Earlier this week, Dr Abu Kishek, Al-Quds University President, headed the third session of the International Conference on Public Administration, titled "Reality, Challenges and Prospects", which was organized by Bureau staff in Ramallah. The conference was attended by the Palestinian Prime Minister and members of the Arab Organization for Administrative Development, and a number of officials and more than (60) Personal administrative, and ministers and experts from more than 15 Arab countries.

Dr. Imad Abu Kishek spoke of the great hope for Palestinians for rapid development in the modern international, management market.

Dr. Abu Kishek added that the relationship between the University and the Bureau staff is under constant and clear objective footsteps. Public administration is the management of public policy and the aim is to work at solving community problems through the knowledge of different values ​​and problems.

Mr. Mohammad Abu Shamla, from the Ministry of Education, talked in the third session about the impact of organizational justice on organizational citizenship behavior in the Ministry of Education and Higher Learning in the Northern provinces.

Dr. Samir Al-Jamal, from Al-Quds Open University, talked about the importance of administrative transparency in the Ministry of Education from the viewpoint of workers from the Education departments in Hebron.

Mr. Lutfi Samhan, from the Bureau, talked about the conduct of ethics of the public job, while Mr Hijazi Qarshali, from the Bureau, talked about the Civil Service Act, and the proposed amendments to improve the civil service sector in Palestine.

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