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The Islamic Jerusalem Conference at Al-Quds University

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Earlier this week, Al-Quds University had the pleasure of holding the second day of activities for the sixth annual Islamic Jerusalem Conference. This year the conference was titled “Supporting Jerusalem and strengthening the steadfastness of Jerusalem people- the obligated role”.

The activities started with a speech from Dr Imad Abu Kishek who stressed the importance of holding this conference at AQU as it has a lot of buildings and research centers in Jerusalem. Also because it has a large group of elite and distinguished researchers specialized in the history, culture and heritage of Jerusalem. In addition, AQU is the only University that had an entire course on Jerusalem, obligatory to all students. He went on to add that AQU is open to all researchers and those who are interested in Jerusalem and its holy sites; stressing that AQU would provide them with support and assistance.

The Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs, Sheikh Yusuf Adeis, spoke of the violations committed by the occupation forces against the holy city to obscure its religious, cultural and heritage character. He also said that the night journey miracle is what taught us how to cope with the conflict, in Jerusalem in particular, but also the Muslim world in general.

The Jordanian Kingdom’s Chief of Justice, Sheikh Ahmad Halil, expressed his happiness in being between Palestinians, stressing that Jordanian leadership supports Palestine and that the Palestinian cause is the cause of all Arabs, and so Jordan is committed to its responsibility towards the holy city.

Minister Hayel Dawod stressed that Jordan and Palestine are one body with one spirit. He explained that the Palestinian people had recognition of education by the Arab and Islamic people, and that these people today have to support the steadfastness of Palestinian people and their academic institutions.

Jordanian MP, Al-Saud, said that one of the terms of the Wadi Araba agreement specifies that Islamic and Christian holy sites are in the care of Jordan, stressing that the daily human rights violations in Palestine occur in full view of all Arab countries, whose duty is to intervene and scramble to get these rights back.

Jordanian MP Mr Al-Battoush explained that the conflict in Palestine is not an Israeli-Palestinian conflict but a Zionist-Arab conflict. He also mentioned that Palestinians in the city of Jerusalem and in the territory in 1948 are playing an important role in Palestine.

The conference continued with activities and talks from many key speakers throughout the day.

The event was sponsored by Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas; the University President, Dr Imad Abu Kishek; the Chairman of the Trustees Board, Mr Ahmad Qere; Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs, Al-Shaykh Yusuf Adeis; King Abdullah II adviser and the Kingdom’s Chief of Justice, Al-Shaykh Ahmad Halil; Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Jordan, Al- Shaykh Hayel Dawod; Chairman of the Palestine Committee in the Jordanian Parliament, Yahya Al-Saud; Member of the Jordanian parliament, Dr Bassam Al-Battoush; and other Arab and international personalities.

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