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New Publication for Dr Ali Jamoos

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A research article for Ali Jamoos and Hikmat Darawsheh was recently published in the Wireless Personal Communications Journal, Springer:

Performance Analysis of Energy Detector Over αμ Fading Channels
With Selection Combining

Abstract: Energy detection is the most widely used technique in cognitive radio networks to enable opportunistic spectrum access. In this paper, the problem of energy detection of an unknown deterministic signal over fading channels is revisited. More particularly, a new closed-form mathematical expression is derived for the average probability of detection of the energy detector (ED) over α-μ generalized fading channels with selection combining (SC) diversity reception. The derived expression is general and includes as special cases Nakagami-m, Weibull, Gamma, Rayleigh and Exponential distributions. This expression is useful to quantify the performance improvement of the ED with SC diversity reception.


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A new publication by Dr. Mohammad Kouali from Electronics and Communication Engineering Department.
New Publication for Dr Ali Jamoos

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