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The University’s President Letter to the Students

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I would like to wish you all my sincere greetings and love and to congratulate you for the commencement of the new academic year of 2016-2017, wishing you all a productive year, full of excellence and achievement in your university, Al-Quds University.  I would like to especially welcome the new students who chose Al-Quds university to study in, wishing them all success.  Hoping that you will be a good support and of great assistance to them in their new phase of life, and their new beginning at Al-Quds University.

We would like to  emphasize  our  keenness and our efforts  to  create an ideal academic  environment which corresponds to the highest academic criteria adopted internationally ,  ensuring  what you need and what is  necessary to guarantee innovation and excellence, and to produce competitive learning outcomes to assure for you success  and distinction.  In order to play a scientific, academic , economic and patriotic role in the  Palestinian society and  to enlighten our reality and stand out in our Arab and Islamic surroundings, and to set a good example in  the dissemination the  culture of belonging and ethical and values commitment, and a good example for  commitment and discipline wherever you go.

Your University,  a pioneer  academic institution  which is honored  of its students, and its keenness towards  development, innovation and excellence,  also of its ability to adapt and  respond to changes, and to keep pace with the acceleration of the  international scientific development through a methodologies , plans, programs and multi –faceted strategies which are being well-planned to fit with your needs to incite the creative energy, in order to help you gain skills that you need besides the innovative spirit  in order to enhance your self-confidence through embedding the modern  Education technology to ensure your success in your practical life after  graduation and to be broad of the academic and scientific knowledge you have gained and the skills that you acquired in order to well represent Jerusalem (Al-Quds) and its University, remaining faithful to your cause, your people, to Jerusalem and your University; Al-Quds University, this academic, scientific, national and long-standing monument, which is remarkable because of you, my sons and daughters, our students, who we are proud of, and with your University you will always have faith, and to it and to our beloved Jerusalem belong .


I have to emphasize, my sons and daughters, on what you will live through and see at your University, and will be an essential part of its establishing; our set of values, principles and morals that Al-Quds University’s administration, staff and student commit to – a set that will guide us all and contribute in enhancing the culture of belonging in you and us.  Al-Quds  university believes in  the sacredness of freedom  as a slogan and practice, with its commitment to distinction,  innovation and creativity to  encourage  its students to learn and develop their  mental and personnel abilities which encourage them to take risks,   experience  and think creatively,  in order to enhance your  ability to adapt  and respond to changes. We, at Al-Quds University, will offer you everything innovative to assure achieving the aforementioned and we will do all our best to create an  environment that respects and enhances freedom of thoughts , expression and creativity   to ensure you  an ideal  milieu full of  mutual respect on our campus leaving no place for violence and threats  in order to give you  academic liberty which is a space necessary for innovation and courage to try what is new, so you could remain open to  the new methods of thinking and working, keeping  constant dialogue with your environment to confront obstacles, and your desire in changing. Our commitments to good teaching and distinguished academic achievement will always direct our energy and make us stick with to our futuristic hope, the hope that you represent. Our expectations and future in our homeland rests upon your shoulders and on what we can offer you of opportunities to be productive and creative individuals and citizens. This  makes us work hard to  ensure you the most comprehensive experience  based on distinguished science education,  fostering awareness of history, critical thinking,  societal participation, besides  creative thinking , justice & equity , constructive thinking and faith in the future of our people and country.

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