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Al-Quds University honors Palestinian philanthropist Munib Al-Masri in recognition of his ongoing support

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JERUSALEM | In a grand ceremony recently held at the main campus of Al-Quds University, the university’s community, lead by President Professor Imad Abu Kishek, honored prominent Palestinian businessman and philanthropist Mr. Munib Al-Masri in recognition of his continuous support to the university’s academic and research process and the ongoing contributions to the various Palestinian society’s sectors.

Held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Munib Al-Masri Development Foundation (MDF), the ceremony hosted Al-Masri family members and was attended by Al-Quds University’s faculty, staff, and students.  .

In his address, Professor Abu Kishek expressed his deep gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Al-Masri for his role as a prominent figure that has contributed tremendously to national reconciliation and provided unceasing support to national and community institutions within Palestine and in the Palestinian Diaspora. Abu Kishek particularly praised the Al-Masri’s continuous support to the Palestinian people which is manifest in the big contributions he has made to promote development in Palestine and in the whole Arab region through the endowment of “more than $150 million to over 700 charity projects”.

In speaking about Al-Masri’s continuous support to Al-Quds University, Professor Abu Kished cited that he had previously contributed to the launch of the university’s Innovation Incubator which seeks to promote entrepreneurial initiatives and economically empower Palestinian youths from Jerusalem. The university president also commended Mr. Al-Masri for his participation in the implementation of numerous joint projects through the Al-Quds Wagf Fund and the Al-Quds Academy for Scientific Research.

Mr. Al-Masri extended his thanks and appreciation to the university’s community, represented by its president Professor Imad Abu Kishek, for the warm welcome, saying: “It is a great honor for me and the family to be on the campus of Al-Quds University, the great scientific edifice the love and respect for which resides in the hearts of all of us”.

The key Palestinian businessman, currently member of Al-Quds University’s Board of Trustees, promised that he personally, and his family and foundations will pursue their mission of supporting Al-Quds University and the entire Palestinian community.
Executive Vice President Dr. Hassan Dweik spoke about the giving-life of al-Masri who is considered “an active member in many humanitarian, educational, cultural and other institutions”, including the Welfare Association, the Al-Quds Waqf Fund, and the Al-Quds Academy for Scientific Research and the Quality of Education. Dr. Dweik mentioned a number of Al-Masri’s successful multidisciplinary businesses and companies that operate within Palestine and elsewhere, namely the Engineering and Development Group (Edgo), which was incepted in 1965, the Munib R. Al-Masri Development Foundation (MDF), and Taawon foundation which Al-Masri considers “the second major accomplishment in Palestine after the PLO”.

Mr. Munib Al-Masri has always shown enthusiasm to promote Al-Quds University and its programs, which is reflected in the multi initiatives and projects that have helped the university to prosper and become a leading scientific beacon in the region. One of his major contributions in this regard is the generous funding of Al-Quds University’s main library which now carries his name.


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