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Opening of the Kuwait electronic library at Al- Quds University

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The president of Al-Quds university professor Imad Abu Kishek, received on Wednesday, the Kuwaiti delegation who visited the university. Included were the Chairman of the Kuwait Society for Arab student support Mr. Talal Alarb, the chairman of the endowment Abdel Baqui Al-Nuri his Excellency Mahmoud Al-Nouri, the Kuwaiti businessman Adnan Al-Bahar and the general secretary of the endowment of Abdel Baqi Al Nuri, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Nuri .

The delegation visitor cut the ribbon of the Kuwait electronic library in the university, which was set up with the support of the Kuwaiti society through the olive society in Palestine. This library will ensure an electronic link to the Kuwait electronic library that includes more than 120 E-books, in addition, a link to the global spring library in Germany.

President Abu Kishek welcomed this visit, confirming its importance to Palestine and Jerusalem in particular. Then he presented a preface about the university, its creation, and programs that distinguish this university nationwide and throughout the middle-East.

Prof. Abu Kishek pointed to the vital role that the state of Kuwait, both, as government and people, played in supporting Al-Quds University throughout history and its basic role in the groundbreaking of the university in 1966.

Abu Kishek emphasized the importance of this library (the Kuwait electronic library) which presents a treasure in terms of information to faculties and students of the university. Through it they can reach a large number of books that can help them in their education, especially the scientific research in different specializations.


   Mr. Talal Arab expressed his admiration of the university and considers this a great monument, which has produced hundreds of understanding alumni. He is inviting students to continue in their learning and profit from the scientific potentials that Al-Quds University offers in order to liberate the land and people from occupation.   

This meeting convened with the vice president of communication and development Pro. Hasan Dweik , the vice president of research , development and innovation Dr. Badie Sartawi , the director general of the university libraries Dr. Rashid Jayyousi and the president of Al-Zaytoonah society for Youth development Mr. Malek Tayme .   

The visiting delegation, accompanied by the president of the university, toured the different facilities that the university offers, notably the foundation stone which is engraved with the name of his highness Sabah Al-Ahmad Al Sabah.

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