Musa Abu Teir

General Physics, General Physics Labs , Electricity and Magnetism ,Mathematical Physics , Modern Physics ,Properties of Matter ,Advance Laboratories, Solid State Physics, Medical Physics, Thermodynamics, Introduction to Ceramic science, Advance Solid State Physics, Spectroscopy.
Office Hours: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday : 10-11

Academic History and experience

Prof. Musa Abu Teir is a professor of solid state physics at college of science and technology. He joined the faculty of science and technology a year 1985. Recently, he is the physics head department at college of science and technology in the addition of a member in different committees at the college. Prof. Abu Teir participates in the development of Bachelor and Master program plan studies at physics department, beside he renew the advance physics lab experiments and directed of the renewable general and advance lab experiments manual.

Prof. Abu Teir has been published so many scientific research articles in scientific journals of high impact factor, already published around 35 scientific articles and supervision for master thesis of about 10 master thesis.

Prof. Abu Teir got his Ph.D. degree of solid state physics on 2003 from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel, his master degree of thermodynamics on 1990 from South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, USA, and his Bachelor degree on 1985 from Al-Quds University, Palestine.

Al-Quds University