Imad Barghouthi

Teaching philosophy:
After 26 years (1994 – 2021) of teaching and supervising graduate and undergraduate students and working very hard to be an excellent lecturer, I have decided to move from being lecturer to be a MOTIVATOR. Currently, I do not believe in the learning efficiency of lecture room teaching. The real learning happens in the research lab, in the library, or in the course of community work. Learning by doing, trial and error are the mottos of successful education. I have to teach skills and knowledge. The best education is through real projects. Therefore, my role as a Motivator is to motivate students to go to the lab, to do research lab, to go to the library, to communicate with the community, to explain physics for non-science students, to enhance the physics literacy of the university students and of the community. In addition, I am determined to fulfill the levels of knowledge (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation) among the students. Always, I am doing my best to convey knowledge in the sense of wisdom, paired with ethics and responsibility.

On-going research:
(I) Currently, I am working on developing my Monte Carlo code (Barghouthi model) in order to investigate the effects of altitude and velocity dependent wave – particle interactions by using our recent findings (Nilsson et al., 2012 a, b, see publications list). We will use this updated model to study the ion outflows in the polar wind and auroral regions. In addition, a comparison between the results of this Monte Carlo code and the results of other models is under investigation.
(II) It is a very challenge project, the project of investigating the double-hump distributions in the solar wind. The Puzzle of fast solar wind (i.e., Helium ions are faster than Hydrogen ions in the solar wind) still unsolved issue, because heavier ions are expected to move slower than lighter ions in the solar wind. I am planning to build up a Monte Carlo code to investigate the physics of the solar wind. In specific, I am interested to study the effects of Coulomb collisions and wave – particle interactions on the H+ ions outflow in the solar wind. I have the potential to do that because there are many similarities between the physics of the polar wind (my expertise area) and the solar wind. Because of this research, I will be able to explain (theoretically) the observed H+ double-hump distributions in the solar wind and provide an explanation to the fast solar wind.
(III) Also, I am planning to modify my Monte Carlo code for the behavior

of O+ ions in the ionosphere by including the effects of NO+ molecular ions and other molecular ions. Knowing the exact behavior of O+ ions in the ionosphere is very important to the community of space communications.

Publications (Total 57 ): I have been involved in 2 lines of research:
Line 1: The field of theoretical space plasma physics, 42 papers in leading journals.
Line 2: The interdisciplinary fields of scientific literacy, education, and Islam and science, 15 publications in local and regional journals.

Al-Quds University