Iyad idkeid

About (Short Biography)

Soor Baher, Al-Sabeel Street 35, P.O. Box 72875, Jerusalem 9741503

Ph.D. in Science Education – Weizmann Institute of Science. Lecturer at Al-Quds University concerning science teaching strategies at Early Childhood Education.
Researcher in the field of Science Education at the elementary and middle-school level. Working in the field of professional development of in-service science teachers. Responsible about developing teaching and learning sciences at the elementary and middle school-level.

Some Research interests

Pre-service science teachers believes and attitudes toward teaching sciences
in-service science teachers’ teaching practices
Developing of high order cognitive abilities as a result of science learning

Teaching Activities

Teaching courses :

1. Strategies of science teaching
2. Research methods in Education
3. Creativity and cognitive abilities
4. Foundations of Education
5. Classroom interactions
6. Strategies of teaching science in Early childhood Education


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Hugerat, M., & Dkeidek, I. (2014). The cognitive acceleration curriculum as a tool for overcoming difficulties in the implementation of inquiry skills in science education among primary school students. Journal of Baltic Science Education, 13, 523–534.
Dkeidek, I., Mamlok-Naaman, R., & Hofstein, A. (2012). Assessment of the laboratory learning environment in an inquiry-oriented chemistry laboratory in Arab and Jewish high-schools in Israel. Learning Environment Research – An International Journal, 15, 141-169. doi:10.1007/s10984-012-9109-3
Dkeidek, I., Mamlok-Naaman, R., & Hofstein, A. (2011). Effect of culture on twelfth grade students’ ability to ask more and better questions resulting from inquiry-oriented chemistry laboratory. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 9, 1305-1331. doi:10.1007/s10763-010-9261-0

Al-Quds University