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Selection Process for the academic mobility with Huelva University fall semester 2024/2025

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The announcement about the academic mobility program for studying and teaching with Huelva University has been sent by Mrs. Asma Bader, Mobility Coordinator to the Academic International Office to all of the faculty members at Al-Quds University.

Furthermore, the announcement about the mobility program published on the university webpage:

The announcement included the link for the academic programs, the details about the grant and Required documents.

The Academic International Office received applications for the academic mobility from the students and staff who their information is listed below:

1. Students:

Name: Nusayba Taqatqa

  1. Department: Human Rights and International Law
  2. GPA:87
  3. English Level: B1

Name: Meral Musleh

  1. Department: Molecular Genetics
  2. GPA: 88.7
  3. English Level: B1

Name: Mohammad Zagharneh

  1. Department: English Literature
  2. GPA: 80
  3. English Level: B2

2. Staff:

Name: Dr. Rania Al Muhtadi

  1. Assistant Professor
  2. Faculty of Arts

The applications have been reviewed by the selection committee and AQU’s Erasmus Plus Institutional Coordinator, Prof. Motasem Hamdan and he gave the approval to proceed in the nomination process for the candidates (2 students) and (1 staff) as they are fulfilment the eligibility criteria for participation and based on the available quota for Al-Quds University.



Mohammad has applied and awarded the Erasmus Plus Scholarship for credit mobility with Sivas Cumhuriyet University in the last academic year.

The priority for participation is given to students who are applied and not benefited before from the Mobility Programs.

The students selected for participation are:

  1. Nusayba Taqatqa
  2. Meral Musleh

The staff selected for participation is:

  1. Dr. Rania Al Muhtadi

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