Yara Saifi

Yara Saifi is an architect, Associate Professor, co-founder of the Department of Architecture in Al Quds University, Palestine and is currently the Department Head. She holds a PhD in Architecture from the Eastern Mediterranean University in North Cyprus, Turkey. She was the Dean of Hind aL Husseini College for Arts at Al Quds University between 2012 and 2015. Her research interests include Modern Architecture, Architectural Aesthetics, and Cultural Heritage policies in areas of political conflicts. Her expertise regards the coordination of design and documentation projects for the conservation and rehabilitation of historical Built heritage in the old city of Jerusalem and historical sites in Palestine. She focuses on social enhancement, human factors and cultural identity of traditional Built Heritage. Saifi is actively involved in different committees related to conservation of the built heritage in Jerusalem. She was also a local juror to the 2018 RIBA Awards for International Excellence in Palestine.

Al-Quds University