Yacoub Sabatin

Yacoub Sabatin is a teaching faculty member at Najjad Zeenni Faculty of Engineering at Al-Quds University.
During his professional career, he worked in teaching computers for local and marginalized communities with UNDP and local councils, then as a freelancer, a programmer, and as a consultant with local and international clients such as C-Zone Tech Solutions, he was the head of the Computer Engineering Department and Faculty Council member at Al-Quds University for so many years, the president of Ramallah Toastmasters Distinguished Club, an Accredited Broker at Palestinian Securities Exchange, and a TEDx speaker.
He was also a member in some research projects between European and Palestinian Universities including but not limited to e-learning environments and renewable energy.

He was also an active member with community-based grassroots organizations that contribute to the development of a sustainable knowledge-based economy in Palestine and focus on empowering technology entrepreneurship, mainly in education special interest groups aiming to bridge the gap between academia and the tech industry in Palestine, he participated in holding many university/private sector joint activities.
Yacoub is a certified senior lecturer in Soft and Workplace Skills from the University of Hawaii, USA, and a certified RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Trainer from Automation Anywhere Inc. and a senior trainer in Entrepreneurship & Business Development at Al-Quds Business Center.

His interests include Mobile, Distributed, and Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Electronic and Smart Solutions, e-Learning, Experience-based systems, e-Business, Web Applications, Intelligent Systems, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, RPA, Blockchain & DeFi, and Technology Entrepreneurship.

He has a special interest in media and also in futuristic scenarios where technology can change the human lives, and also an interest in philosophy as a way to reach and rethink areas not accessible by empirical science.

Yacoub earned a bachelor’s degree in Engineering with first class honours from Al-Quds University in Palestine, and a Master’s degree in Informatics with distinction from the University of Manchester in the UK.

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