Shifa` Fanasheh

Miss Shifa` Fanasheh is an instructor at the department of physiotherapy and rehabilitation since 2012 after finishing her master degree from Cairo university in physiotherapy in Neurological Disorders & Its Surgery , and before that she worked as a teaching assistance and clinical supervision at AL- Quds University from September 2004 until November 2011, miss Shifa` have a practical experience in physiotherapy , she worked at Khalil Abu Rayah for spinal cords injuries rehabilitation for 8 months , also, she was a volunteers in Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation in Bethlehem for more than one year , where she gained experience in stroke and upper motor neuron lesions rehabilitation .

Currently miss Shifa` is an instructor at the physiotherapy department and a clinical supervisor with the students at many rehabilitation centers and governmental hospitals. She is also affiliated with the Palestinian Physical Therapy Association since 2004.

She Also has many participation in the development of the curriculum at the level of master and Bachelor`s degree with the knowledge that she teach some of these courses .

Miss Shifa` headed the physiotherapy department for 2 years 2015-2016 / 2016-2017

Continuing education and experience

Some of the specialized courses in the physiotherapy field have been studied to enrich the practical experience for the students such as : Dry needling, Sensory Integration Modulation  ,a serial of Spinal Column Mobilization, Sport Injuries,,,ect

Research Interests: A number of graduation projects have been supervised and are  under editing for being published in the future, including :

  • Functional Outcomes Of The Upper Limb After Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation In Stroke Patients.
  • Physiotherapy Role in Gynecology .

Miss Shifa` holds a master degree in physiotherapy for neurological disorder and its surgery from Cairo university in 2012, & the Bachelor degree from Al-Quds university in 2004 in physiotherapy & rehabilitation

Al-Quds University