Samer Raddad

ProGRANT proposal writing courses in the Middle East. He is an urban planner with Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning. Currently he is a lecturer

and researcher at Al-Quds University, Palestine. His Academic, Research and Development interests focus on Geographical Technologies, Urban and Regional Planning, Land Use Land Cover Modelling, Urban Agriculture Development, GIS & Remote Sensing Applications in spatial studies, Public Services Planning, GIS for Heath, Spatial Analysis, Sustainability Development, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Environmental Policy and Planning Process, Public Participation, GIS, and Planning Education. Logical Thinking, Spatial Thinking, Innovation teaching and research methods in Higher Education, Strategic Planning for higher education, and Development. Also, as a Principal Investigator (PI), he led several research projects in strategic planning, urban development, higher education, urban agriculture development, and geopolitical studies. As a practitioner, Samer worked as a consultant and expert with several governmental and non-governmental organizations in urban development and scientific research issues such as the Ministry of Local Government, GIZ, UN-Habitat, and DAAD. His greatest passion is in life is using his knowledge and practices on how to benefit other people and organizations.

Al-Quds University