Salih Al-jabour

since2014. Salih Al-jabour received his B.Sc. in chemistry/math from Bethlehem University, and M.Sc. degree in scientific computing and bioinformatics from Birzeit University. Dr.

Salih Al-Jabour awarded PhD scholarship from DFG organization and he finished his PhD from Freie Universitat /Berlin in theoretical chemistry.

Dr. Salih has many articles published in scientific journal with high impact factor.

His research interests include:

  • Conical intersections in polyatomic molecules: quantum chemistry, molecular symmetry, quantum dynamics, and quantum control.
  • Protein dynamics and modelling.
  • Drug design.

Selected articles:

M. Hamed, S. Al-Jabour, Iron (II) triggered conformational changes in Escherichia Coli fur upon DNA binding: a study using molecular modeling. J. Mol. Graph Model., Vol. 25, pp. 234-246, (2006).

S. Al-Jabour, M. Hamed, Binding of the Zn2+ ion to ferric uptake regulation protein from E.coli and the competition with Fe2+ binding: a molecular modeling study of the effect on conformational changes of Fur. In J. comp. aided Mol. design, Vol. 23 pp. 199-208, (2009).

S. Al-Jabour, M. Baer, O. Deeb, M. Leibscher, J. Manz, X. Xu, and S. Zilberg, Molecular Symmetry Properties of Conical Intersections and Nonadiabatic Coupling Terms:Theory and Quantum Chemical Demonstration for Cyclopenta-2,4-dienimine (C5H4NH). J. Phys. Chem A., Vol. 114, pp. 2991-3010, (2010).

S. Al-Jabour, M. Leibscher, Effects of Molecular Symmetry on Quantum Reaction Dynamics Novel Aspects of Photoinduced Nonadiabatic Dynamics. J. Phys. Chem. A, 2015, 119 (2), pp 271–280.

Al-Quds University