Rushdi Kitaneh

Dr. Kitaneh is an associate professor of physics . He received his bachelor’s degree in physics from The University of Jordan in 1981. From that date he worked in physics Department as teacher assistant in addition to his study for the master degree. He obtained master degree in physics from The University of Jordan in septemper 1983. Since Feb. 1984, he worked as a lecturer of physics in the Islamic University of Gaza until 1990. Dr. Kitabeh started Ph.D program in solid state physics in 1990 from Carpov Inst. Of Tech. in Moscow Russia. Since 1997 he started working at physics Department at Al-Quds University.

Dr. kitaneh developed practical and theoretical physics courses, who currently teaches. He shared member of many committees at the university. Awarded different grants for his research activities at Al Quds University.
The area of research interest is the solid state properties of materials, renewable energy, and using physical methods of improving food quality and quantity.

Dr. Kitaneh has published many manuscripts in international journals, including:

3- Abu-Taha , A. Thweib, R. Ketaneh, Broadband Infrared Tissue Absorption using Miniature Homemade Infrared Light Source: Preliminary study for Tumor Heating M. I. International Journal of Photonics and Optical Technology Vol. 6, Iss. 3, pp: 1-10, Sept. 2020 .

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Solid State Sciences, 11 (2009) 544-548.
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12- V. G. Tsirelson, A. S. Avilov, Yu. A. Abramov, E. L. Belokonova, R. Kitaneh, X-ray and electron diffraction study of MgO, Acta. Cryst. B 54, (1998), 8-17.

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