Dr. AbuHelu is am immunologist at the Medical Laboratory Sciences Department, Faculty of Health Profession, Al-Quds University. And, is the former General Director of Community Health Centers – including Arab Health Center – at Al-Quds University. Moreover, he was appointed as the head of the Medical Laboratory Sciences Department for two rounds (2004-2006 and 2017-2019) and he was the former dean for the Faculty of Health Professions (2007-2012).

He has been committed since the affiliation in 2001 to utilize a wide-range of technological solutions in ensuring an effective delivery of services along with an efficient management of resources in all administrative departments and medical wards.

He was a Visiting Fulbrighter Scholar at North Shore University  Hospital in New York, USA establishing research on B-cell Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL). He described the low affinity anti- μ IgH monoclonal antibody induces apoptosis in CLL B  cells by down-regulating MCL-1 and up-regulating BimEL .

He encouraged collaboration with different health professions faculties in adopting evidence-based medical practices and offering a learning and training supportive environment for university students.   He was one of the partners in a funded Erasmus Plus project to develop a master program in Health Informatics together with national and international universities (Spain, Sweden, Amsterdam, Cairo Univ., Ain Shams Unive. Jordan Univ and JUST). He managed also to win KA107 mobility program with Thomas More university in Geel, Belgium for 3 years (2019-2022).

He was a warded the Daniel Turnberg Fellowship to conduct his research HLA genotyping in Palestine that will be conducted at Imperial College in London, and recenly he he was able to won the Palestinian Quebec Science Bridge (PQSB) 3rd round  from Palestinian Academy for Science and Technology (PALST) to pursue his research about “preclinical assessment of a novel antifungal  (Valporic Acid) formulation for the treatment of human vaginal yeast infection”. This research will be conducted during the summer of 2022 at Laval University in CANADA.

During his academic and non-academic professional career he developed experienced leadership with expertise in organizational management, team building, recruiting staff, faculty development, motivation, and conflict resolution; demonstrated managerial skills by increasing quality and quantity of recruiting for academic staff.

Al-Quds University