Rania Muhtadi

Dr. Rania Al-Muhtadi is an assistant professor at the faculty of humanities and currently responsible for training students to participate in debate and arbitration competitions. She had held various administrative positions at Al-Quds University. Dr. Rania was an acting Dean of Scientific Research, director of the language center and coordinator of the University requirements. Dr. Rania taught several courses such a Global Civilization with emphasis on Andalusia civilization and Spanish languages and literature. Dr. Rania had worked, previously, in different projects related to environment and water, such as coordinating ground water resources, water harvesting, water conservation, and house garden maintenance.  Dr. Rania had experience in the development of e-learning courses; she was involved in the development of blended course for the university requirement and the training of the faculty members to use such courses. She was involved in various EU projects and had good experience in writing project proposals. Dr. Rania received Best teacher award in the year 2015.

Al-Quds University