Rania Abu Seir

Dr. Abu Seir is an Assistant Professor of Hematology and a research activist at the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, Al-Quds University. She is the current dean of the Faculty of Health Professions and the Assistant President for Medical and Health Affairs. Dr. Rania is a highly qualified and motivated educator. She demonstrates a passion for teaching, learning and a high level of commitment. She is also well experienced in curricula development and evaluation. and a member of the curricula evaluation committee at AQU.

Dr. Abu Seir is an outstanding and remarkably active researcher in Palestine especially in the field of Cancer Research. Her research interests focus on the genetic and epidemiology of cancer in Palestine. She has established several platforms to study Lymphomas and Colorectal Cancer in addition to her researches in the field of transfusion medicine and blood Banking. Dr. Abu Seir is a member in several prestigious scientific international organizations including Middle East Cancer Consortium (MECC), Thalassemia International Federation (TIF), and Asian Association of Transfusion Medicine (AATM). She has consulted for the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Palestinian Medical Technology Association, Thalassemia Patients’ Friends Society (TPFS), and other national organizations for capacity-building in scientific and clinical research.

Al-Quds University