Rabee Owais

Dr. Rabei Oweis hled his PhD in Sociology and Anthology from University of Münster-Germany (2001), DAAD scholarship. He is currently occupying a professor of sociology at Al-Quds University (2010-). Through an academic journey he holds many supervising and academics positions, as heading of sociology department and coordinating of branch of master programs at Al-Zbabda and active members of many scientific committees, conferences and developments symposiums at civil society’ organizations.

Through pervious teaching & an academic activities at Palestinians universities (2001-2010- American university-Palestine- Al-najah university and Al-Quds open university) he presented  many lectures, seminars and supervised dozens of theses and scientific papers in fields of rural developments, urban planning, sociology and criminal studies) in addition to providing capacity building and  consultations for various civil society institutions.

The major academic interests for Professor Owies, include Bedouin sociology, social developments, diaspora and immigration, regional and urban planning, social transformations and social capitals.

Al-Quds University