Omar Rimawi

About: Omar Rimawi, Ph.D. in cognitive psychology, Academy of Educational Sciences / Institute of Psychology, (GSKostiuk) Ukraine, Kiev

Research interests: Self-esteem, Science and Education, cognitive science, and mental processes

Teaching Activities: Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Personality Psychology and Clinical Psychology.

Publications: published different scholarly articles in international scientific journals

  1. Constructing Mate Retention of the Partner Tactics Scale Among Palestinian Couples, Journal of Social Affairs of Sharjah, 32(126), 123-150.
  2. Refrainment from Marriage among Orthodox Youth in Ramallah District, journal ASEP,39 (3) 253-266.
  3. The Level of Social Anxiety in a Sample of Students from the University of Jerusalem, Journal of the American Research University Arabic. 1 (1), 47-63.

Al-Quds University